“A.B.S Ratchet Buckle” of Win Chance Metal Co., LTD won Taiwan Excellence Silver Award Again in 2014

Taiwan Excellence Silver Award 2014

Know More About TAIWAN EXCELLENCE The industrial structure of Taiwan began to change in the mid-1980's due to economic liberalization and internationalization. To support the transformation of the local industries, the MOEA sought to increase the added-value of Taiwan's products and Taiwan's international competitiveness by actively supporting improvements to product quality, design, and image. Three 5-year plans were therefore successively launched after 1988: the "Quality Enhancement Plan" (from 1988), "Product Design Ability Enhancement Plan" (from 1989) and "Image Enhancement Plan" (from 1990). Under the "Image Enhancement Plan," the "Taiwan Excellence Award" was established by the MOEA in 1992 as the common symbol for representing to the international audience quality products from Taiwan. "R&D," "Design," "Quality," and "Marketing" were determined as the four categories by which "Taiwan Excellence" candidates should be judged. Products selected by the judges for the award were allowed to use the "Taiwan Excellence Mark" for promotional purposes in Taiwan and overseas. 
Apart from the organizing the "Taiwan Excellence" selection process every year, the MOEA also hosts the "National Product Image Award" to present gold and silver awards to winning products. These are then promoted as representative Taiwanese products through a marketing campaign involving advertising, media relations, and exhibitions to strengthen the impression made by Taiwan Excellence on international buyers. In 2006 the MOEA expanded the "Image Enhancement Plan" to become the "Branding Taiwan Campaign." "Taiwan Excellence" and "National Product Image Award" were also merged at this time. The move combined "Taiwan Excellence," a traditional product mark, with the "National Product Image Award," a product award, and unified both under the name of the "Taiwan Excellence Award." 

“A.B.S Ratchet Buckle” of Win Chance Metal Co., LTD won Taiwan Excellence Silver Award Again in 2014

Published for the world’s first technology
ABS brakes with cushioning solution with powerful & 2-piece telescopic handle
And through the European Union EN / GS certification
First rope walk (slackline) movement of the cross-industry shared dual hand puller
Published the world’s first technology
ABS brakes with cushioning solution with powerful & 2-piece telescopic handle and certified by the European Union TUVGS
To become the world’s first with the ABS system and telescopic handle passed GS certification downs;
Enhance the industry’s largest pretensioners belted tension 4000 N
And provide the rope walk slackline movement of cross-industry pairs shared by hand puller.
And obtained U.S. patents and Germany, Japan, the Republic of China and other 13 patents

Chinese Version Link: http://www.taiwanexcellence.org/index.php/awards/nowdt/content/1/1/103417FC-W031