A transformer story of Taiwan based hardware manufacturer overcome from the industry adversity

The right timing expanding our product line

Win Chance Metal Co., Ltd was established in 1995. Our main products were Ratchet Buckle, Hooks, Tie-down for Cargo Control System. All products in WinChance were designed to support the working efficiency and make sure both merchandise and operator under a safety conditions no matter on-load, off-load or during the transportation. While WinChance built well know quality and reliability reputation, at the same time they suffered price war against Chinese supplier chain. 5 years ago, WinChance cargo control production line sales were dropped, but founder Vincent believes to hold firmly on quality and innovate will be the long term win business, thus this is the right timing expanding WinChance product line into fall protection, fall arrest equipment.

Spirit in WinChance

With current facilities, WinChance already had professional production line of steel alloy, stainless steel and aluminum alloy as the back up so they can achieve customer request on Carabiner, Safety Hooks, Safety Buckles and provided customer OEM and ODM items for customer’s own design concept and meet custom safety requirements. After 4 years striving, WinChance successfully gain worldwide customer trust and support customer produce various new functional demands with reliable quality. These fruitful results stepped up the aluminum forging production line to be built this January, WinChance now became a multiple supplier to offer more application for their business partner. You may curious about how WinChance can stand at this filed in such short term, they are very proud of gathering WinChance team members together-- Founder Vincent and a creative safety specialized R&D team in WinChance.

Team member profile

Vincent Chang - Founder & General Manager 
Taiwan Prominent Inventor Award,2009
Carried Listed 120 patents in Taiwan, China, USA,
Germany, Japan, Europe, Australia, 2002-2016
Taiwan Excellence Award 2013, Moderator
Taiwan Excellence Silver Award 2014, Moderator
Taiwan Small & Medium Enterprises Innovation Award 2013, Moderator
Ryan Lin - Designer 
Industrial DesignHuafan University, New Taipei
Department of Mechanical and Computer-Aided Engineering, National Formosa University, Yunlin
Weipo International Co . Ltd / Product Designer
Taiwan Excellence Award 2013, Assistant
Taiwan Excellence Silver Award 2014, Assistant
Taiwan Small & Medium Enterprises Innovation Award 2013, Collaborative Project Moderator
SBIR 2+Extendable Ratchet Buckle 2015, Project Moderator
Promoting industrial innovation and research and development 2016, Collaborative Project Moderator
Rui-Min Huang - Production Manager 
“ Do the right thing - Do the things right ”
Mingdao High School, Taichung
27 years working experience at production management
Specialized in making shackle, looped link, Carabiner, wire forming
Chia-Te Chu - Mold Division/ Manager 
" Non-thing is impossible, only something you want to do or not "
Mingdao High School, Taichung
Specialty: Milling, Lathe, Punch die development, Surface Grinding, Electric welding, Argon welding
Chun-Yen Chang - Junior Product Development Engineer 
“ Keep trying no matter how hard it seems, it will get easier ” Tung Der Home Economics & Commercial Vocational High School, Nantou Certification : Overhead crane & Side fork lift trucks Specialized in developing & mechanism application on Carabiner, Hooks
Han-Shi Lin-Mold Division 
16 years experiences on product sampling
Stamping & Wire forming die development
Wei-Lun Chang - Production Division 
Da Der Commercial And Technical Vocational School, Changhua
7 years experiences in mold assembly
Waist Hook, Forging Hook die development
Ji-Zhai Ye - Forging Division 
Chienkuo Technology University, Changhua
Progressive dies development
Forging Hook die development